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Meet our team here and contact us, if you have any questions or if you want to do a project with us.

Kourosh Marjani Rasmussen


+45 40 86 61 64

Asbjoern Dyhrberg Thegler



Eddi Søgaard

Mathematical Developer


Emil Ahlmann Oestergaard

Product Developer


Michael Ager Carlsen

Commercial manager


Our story

Kourosh Rasmussen and his former student, Emil Østergaard, founded AlgoStrata in 2018. The original idea was to make an easy to use asset selection framework for students, researchers and investment analysts, so that they don't have to reinvent the wheel each time they make an investment strategy analysis. The first version of this platform, called the Investment Funnel, was created.

Used today by many students for learning and project work. Since then the company has grown, got the first round of funding and have built a number of investment advisory services (APIs) which are being used by a number of independent financial advisors.

We received our first round of investment in 2020, and the team was expanded with new co-founders (Eddi, Michael and Asbjørn) with strong mathematical, business and programming skills. Likewise we partnered with MorningStar as our data provider.

We got our first clients, two independent investment advisors, in 2020, and built a number of cost, risk and performance comparison services (APIs) which are in production and used by our clients today.

In 2021 we rebuilt the Investment Funnel platform that is now used in classroom teaching and research projects. We are currently working on expanding the framework so as to help financial advisors and fund managers monitor and enhance the performance of their asset allocation strategies. We have also expanded our agreement with MorningStar, so we can provide customized solutions to our clients using not only our APIs, but also MorningStar APIs and a great number of their Asset Allocation and advisory APIs.