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The Problem

Most small, low cost fund managers and investment advisors rely on manual processes for portfolio selection, benchmarking, and client advice.

This results in a less competitive brand and slow scaling.

They lack the time and resources for continuous improvement of their investment products.

If you are a small or medium sized mutual fund, hedge fund or financial advisor, or even an individual investor, investment analyst, a researcher or a student, we want you to love our product and tell us what we can do better, if that is not the case.

The Solution

We offer a low cost platform for quantitative analysis and benchmarking of ETF-based fund of funds.

The platform helps our clients enhance their portfolio selection and advisory process, resulting in a more competitive product offering, without having to hire a team of asset allocation experts.

Our solution helps fund managers and advisors provide a superior and more personal service to their clients, compared to robo-advisors, at competitive cost levels.


We believe that research results should be made easily available to the public. By starting an open source project, in parallel to AlgoStrata, we invite students, researchers and investment specialists to freely use the library of methods and contribute to its growth.


We believe that a close collaboration between academia and industry generates innovation and offers the society at large great value. By creating AlgoStrata we aim at bridging the gap between investment researchers and fund managers or investment specialists


We believe that “one size fits all” software does not exist in our industry, hence our platform is built on top of RESTful API’s which allows several types customers to build their own user experience on top of our calculation engine.